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For over 20 years Security Pro USA has been a leading supplier of metal detectors and Metal Scanners for government agencies, event security and many other markets. Security Pro USA is the preferred choice to supply, install and service metal detectors to military, law enforcement, and TSA, all around the world. 

We have most commonly types of Metal detectors walkthrough detectors and handheld (wand style) detectors. which easily detect weapons such as guns and knives. These metal detector uses harmless magnetic field to locate metals and No. 1 choice for security professionals worldwide.

Here at Security Pro USA we proudly provide sales, service, and installation of Metal Detector devices all throughout the United States. Here you will find all of the popular models such as the Garrett Super Scanner and the Garrett PD 6500i. Whether you are purchasing for personal use, small business, a large venue, government operations, or a major transit hub; Security Pro USA has everything that you need. Browse and purchase small quantities or request a quote for bulk orders, installation and service. Security Pro USA is the number one source to buy or get service on Security Metal Detectors.