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Demron is a radiation-blocking fabric made by Radiation Shield Technologies.

The material has radiation protection similar to lead shielding, while being lightweight and flexible. The composition of Demron is proprietary, but is described as a non-toxic polymer.

Demron shields the wearer from radiation alone, it can be coupled with different protective materials to block chemical and biological threats as well.

Demron is roughly three to four times more expensive than a conventional lead apron, but can be treated like a normal fabric for cleaning, storage and disposal.

More recent uses for Demron include certified first responder hazmat suits as well as tactical vests. Demron is proven by the United States Department of Energy to significantly reduce high energy alpha and beta radiation, and reduce low energy gamma radiation. When several sheets of Demron are laminated together the result is a much more powerful shield, though Demron cannot completely block all gamma radiation.

Demron’s® patented nanotechnology has been in development for almost a decade. From its humble beginnings to the technological leaps of today, Demron® has been continually enhanced and refined. Using the latest molecular engineering techniques, Demron® offers the kind of radiation protection only associated with traditional heavy metals like Lead.

Demron® is produced through a carefully controlled manufacturing process that allows RST’s technicians to construct the exact molecular configurations needed to block radioactivity. With a specialized group of factories and laboratories throughout the nation, Demron’s quality and effectiveness is of primary importance for every Demron® product produced. While Demron® itself has the versatility to be manufactured for many different needs and specifications, the core nanotechnology at the heart of the Demron® process is what makes it truly unique.



The following files document testing performed on Demron®