Security Pro USA, is a leading supplier of tactical gear for military, law enforcement, and private security agencies. Additionally, we own and operate the California Tactical Academy, Southern California’s premier shooting range and training facility. With our significant expertise in the world of cooperate, and personal security, we are now making our experts available for consulting and threat assessment work. 


Starting immediately, we will offer experts for consulting which will include VIP protection, corporate security and defense consulting. We have access to a wide variety of subject matter experts from both US and foreign military special operations units, law enforcement SWAT personnel and other subject matter experts. Our consulting work spans the scope of threat needs from individual personal defense to cooperate defense.  



Types of consulting services we offer: 

Security and Risk Leadership

Advanced Threat Assessment

Active Shooter Prevention

Protecting At-risk Individuals & Families

Protecting Clients at Residential Estates

Protecting Executives & Corporations

Protecting Government & Law Enforcement

Protecting Universities & Schools

Special Situations 




Please contact us using the form below if you are interested in our consulting services.