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Begin by introducing your gas mask product and its unique features and benefits. You may want to focus on how it provides reliable protection in a variety of situations, such as natural disasters, industrial accidents, or pandemics.

An industrial gas mask is a device worn over the face to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful chemicals, fumes, and other hazardous substances found in certain industrial settings. These masks are made of materials that can withstand harsh conditions and provide a secure fit to ensure maximum protection.

Industrial gas masks are commonly used in industries such as painting, welding, and chemical handling. They are designed to filter out harmful substances, typically using activated carbon or other filtration materials, to provide clean air to the wearer.

When choosing an industrial gas mask, it's important to consider the type of hazard that needs to be protected against and the level of protection required. It's also important to make sure the mask fits properly, as even the best mask will not provide adequate protection if it does not fit well.

In addition to the mask itself, industrial gas masks may also come with other components, such as replacement filters, carrying bags, and straps to hold the mask in place. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and changing the filters, is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of the mask.

Overall, an industrial gas mask is an essential piece of personal protective equipment for workers in certain industries to stay safe from hazardous substances in the workplace.

Best Selling Industrial Gas Mask Product



Dpi Sekur NAVY CAP SNC complies with EN 1146 and ISO 23269-1. According to MED Directive. Models available: 10 minutes duration and 15 minutes duration.

The SNC is a hood type, constant flow, breathing apparatus to escape from areas in which toxic substances or oxygen deficiency may occur. Simply open the unit, don the hood and make your escape.

Dpi Sekur Gas Mask POLIMASK ALFA

The shape of the face piece has been designed with the aid of computerized systems which have utilized the anthropometrical data of the face shape of thousands of soldiers taken from the army thus providing a wide variety of face dimensions.

• The result is a half mask that perfectly fits all face shapes.
• The seal around the nose has been improved thanks to a folding groove that adapts all nose shapes.
• Polimask 2000 can be used by operators who wear glasses as they do not interfere with the seal of the half mask and in the meantime, the exhaled air expelled to the external atmosphere does not cause the misting of the lense.
• The front frame allows a floating sealing. The elastic harness is inserted into a stiff part fastened to the exhalation valve group which covers the mouth.

Dpi Sekur Gas Mask IDEA

One size fits all. For use with dust, gas and combined filters with a threaded connector conforming to EN 148/1 and an overpressure version for use with compressed air supply devices, according to EN 148/3. All versions are available in EPDM and silicone rubber.


SEKUR NAVY MASK is an isolating escape device equipped with full face mask and demand valve and is classified for 15 minutes duration.

EN 402 and ISO 23269-1 – Lung governed demand self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus with full face mask or mouthpiece assembly for escape.SNM provides breathable air contained in a cylinder through a pneumatic system which adjusts quantity and pressure of air so to make all parameters suitable for breathing. The cylinder contains 600 liters, which under normal conditions of use are enough to grant about 15-minute duration. However, this value is indicative, because it can be significantly influenced by numerous parameters such as the effort exerted during the escape, the user’s size, and his own stress condition.

MAG13 CBRN Gas Mask
  • NIOSH visual field score equal to 100 with reduced misting
  • Very large perimetral edge to maximize the integration with CBRN Suit and the overall comfort when used for a prolonged time
  • (25 mm width)
  • Efficient scratch and ballistic resistance of the oculars (steel ball Ø 6 mm with impact speed at 120 m/s)
  • High Optical Performance (high refractive power)

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs) on Military Gas Mask

Our gas mask is designed to fit a wide range of head sizes comfortably, with adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit. We recommend measuring the circumference of your head to determine the best size for you.

The lifespan of the filter will depend on the specific conditions of use. In general, the filter should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year if used regularly, or sooner if it becomes damaged or contaminated.

Yes, our gas mask is designed to provide reliable protection against a wide range of airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria. It is an essential piece of personal protective equipment for anyone at risk of exposure to respiratory hazards.

Yes, our gas mask is suitable for use in a variety of industrial and occupational settings where there is a risk of exposure to respiratory hazards. It is designed to meet the standards for respiratory protection in these environments.

It is important to follow the instructions for care and maintenance provided with your gas mask. This may include cleaning the mask regularly, replacing the filter as needed, and storing the mask in a clean and dry place when not in use.


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