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Security Pro USA has Autonomous Drones for Law Enforcement and other industries. 


Closed Circuit Television has long been a mainstay of the modern security and surveillance package. However, CCTV has limitations and, in some ways, has not evolved with modern technologies. Fixed cameras are limited in what they can view, even Point to Zoom (PTZ) cameras have their limitations and capabilities. For outdoor venues and even some larger indoor venues, there are emerging solutions that combine cutting edge technology. The Smart Monitoring Aerial System combines the best of drone technology with the best of closed-circuit video capabilities to give first hand, real time, aerial views that will address a variety of security and law enforcement problems. 


What do they do?

Smart Monitoring Aerial System drones are high resolution video feed cameras in an easy to operate aerial platform that transmit secure video back to a central monitoring point. These drones are all weather capable and use wireless charging to provide mission ready status and can be launched at a moments notice. Smart Monitoring Aerial Systems drones come in a variety of sizes with corresponding abilities and run time. Units can fly and surveil for up to 50 minutes on a single charge. Cameras can be configured to provide day, night and IR video solutions. One of the best features of the Smart Monitoring Aerial System is the autonomous capabilities. The system can be tied to current perimeter camera and motion alert systems to alert the Smart Monitoring Aerial System drone to launch on its own to capture video or surveil. By employing this autonomous launch, with programed perimeters, making this considerably less man power dependent, while still providing real time, video and intelligence.

Who are they for?

Smart Monitoring Aerial System drones work for a large number of public and private agencies. They can be used by Law Enforcement agencies for live video feed of barricaded subject locations or large field searches. They can be used by local government agencies to conduct fast, inexpensive aerial assessments of crime and disaster scenes for comprehensive viewing and real time reporting. Smart Monitoring Aerial Systems drones can be used in cases where a chemical or biological hazard is suspected without having to send in personnel until a clearer picture is studied. Smart Monitoring Aerial Systems drones can be used for crime scene photograph or video to give scale and scope to those in need of this information. 

Smart Monitoring Aerial System drones are also an excellent solution for security teams tasked with monitoring larger locations like industrial lots, public transportation hubs, community spaces such as parks and beaches, and other open areas. They are also discrete enough to provide highly mobile and pinpoint aerial views in larger indoor venues like warehousing, sports stadiums, and similar locations. Their uses are only limited by the imagination and your needs. 

Security Pro offers many options which can be tailored to your agency’s needs. Contact us today for more information, a free quote, and expert assistance in selecting the best Easy Aerial drone package for your needs.

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