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Armored Car 

Security Pro USA offers Unmatched, Innovative and Advanced Solutions in Automotive Security. Here we deliver high quality custom build bulletproof protection to any SUV, Sedan, Cash in Transit vehicle with fully armored fitted features and functionalities. We maintain highest quality control standard in developing advanced bulletproof cars and armored passenger vehicles. Our bulletproof vehicle are build on superior technology and industry standards material like bullet-resistant glass, armour plate, ballistic stainless steel plates for entire perimeter protection of the passenger compartment.

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Beside Armor protection there are various other highly protective modification available in these Armored Car such as Integrated access control module, Runflat Devices, Reinforced suspension, explosion-resistant fuel tank, Vehicle CCTV Camera, GPS, Siren/PA/Intercom system,Fire suppression system and many more.

Our custom build huge collection comprise armored vehicle from all the leading companies such as Ford, MercedesLexusToyotaChevrolet, Cadillac, Nisan, Land Rover etc. These Armoured cars are designed to protect valuables and dignitaries in higher-risk situations.

As a leading security solutions provider company we provide you complete one stop solutions for all your safety and security requirement. If you aren't certain about which armored car to select then Please refer to our webpage on Armored Cars or you have any questions about choosing the right protection system for you. please feel free to reach out to one of our helpful representatives.


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Frequently asked questions

What Are Armored Cars and Who Uses Them?

Armored Cars are vehicles specially modified with protective features to resist bullets, explosions, and other forms of attack. They are used by VIPs, government officials, military personnel, private security services, and individuals seeking extra protection in high-risk areas.

How Is an Armored Car Different from a Standard Vehicle?

An Armored Car is reinforced with ballistic materials like bullet-resistant glass and armored plating, offering enhanced protection. Key modifications include reinforced frames, bulletproof windows, and specialized security features not found in standard vehicles.

What Levels of Armor Protection Are Available for Armored Cars?

Armor protection levels range from basic handgun protection to resistance against high-caliber rounds and explosive devices. These levels are defined by standards such as the European EN1063, the American NIJ, or the Russian GOST, categorizing the car's ability to withstand different types of threats.

Can Armored Cars Be Customized to Individual Preferences?

Yes, Armored Cars can be customized extensively, from the level of armor protection to luxury interior finishes and advanced security features. Customization allows owners to balance safety, comfort, and aesthetics according to their personal or organizational needs.

Are Armored Cars Legal for Civilian Use?

The legality of owning an Armored Car varies by country and region. In many places, civilians can legally own armored vehicles, but some countries require special permits or restrict certain levels of armor. It's crucial to consult local regulations before purchasing.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for an Armored Car?

Maintaining an Armored Car requires more attention than a standard vehicle, including regular checks of the armor integrity, specialized mechanical parts, and security features. It's recommended to use services that specialize in armored vehicle maintenance for optimal performance and longevity.

How Do Armored Cars Provide Protection in Hostile Situations?

Armored Cars protect occupants by absorbing and deflecting ballistic impacts, preventing projectiles from penetrating the vehicle. Additional features like run-flat tires, reinforced suspension systems, and secure communication systems enhance safety in hostile environments.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Purchasing an Armored Car?

Buyers should consider the level of protection needed, the vehicle's purpose, the driving environment, and after-sales support. Evaluating the manufacturer's reputation and the quality of the armor and modifications is also essential.

How Does the Armoring Process Affect Vehicle Performance?

The armoring process adds weight, which can affect acceleration, braking, and fuel efficiency. Manufacturers counter these effects by upgrading the engine, brakes, and suspension to ensure the vehicle maintains adequate performance levels.

What Is the Expected Lifespan of an Armored Car?

The lifespan of an Armored Car depends on the quality of the armoring materials, maintenance, and usage. With proper care, armored vehicles can last as long as standard vehicles, although the specialized components may require more frequent checks and replacements.

Can Armored Cars withstand Explosive Devices?

Higher levels of armor protection, including undercarriage armor, can protect occupants from explosive devices such as grenades and landmines. The specific resistance depends on the armor level and the explosive device's force.