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Non-Visible Detection | Narcotics & explosives Detection

Trace Detection is a non-destructive inspection process to determine whether a container contains explosive material or narcotics. These devices are commonly used at airports, ports and for border control.

With the increasing rate of terror attacks, the concern for homeland security has become an exigency for all the countries around the globe. Also, as the homegrown extremism has covered the face of humanity with the most lethal garb, the public places like schools, public buildings,  underground subway networks, waterways, maritime ports, cargos and even the government buildings have become more vulnerable to the terror attacks. Hence, the need of the hour is to build capabilities that can quickly adapt, and recognize conventional as well as non-conventional threats and ultimately prevent such attacks from taking place. Probably, a technology that can encompass such capabilities and have an expanded range of applications to cover all the aspects of Homeland security threats. Now, any Homeland Security threat detection would have specific requirements including detection of elements like narcotics, explosives, nerve agents, human cargos and even to an extent, fraudulent bank notes.

Complete Range of Trace Detection Equipments and Products for Security Agencies 

There are numerous solutions in the market that can individually cater to certain requirements, Security Pro USA has one-stop solutions for all the threat detection requirements of the homeland security. It can be of great help in preventing the perilous terror attacks by detecting malicious objects through rapid screening of the ambient air. The product line consists a set of unique features that differentiates it from the traditional sensor technologies in the likes of “bomb-sniffing” explosive detectors (Ion Mobility Spectrometer) or traditional electronic nose. 

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