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Jammers are an essential part of the modern security package, be it a moving security such as military operations, Law Enforcement activities, and Executive Protection or fixed security such as restricted facilities and government sites. 


What do they do?


Jammers operate by blocking Radio Frequencies (RF) along a variety of band widths. By RF, the security group can effectively limit the use of anything working via RF. This includes cell phones, drones, and even satellite communications devices including global positioning satellite (gps) navigational devices.


Range of Options and Abilities.


Security Pro offers a wide range of jamming devices that range from pocket sized, to vehicle portable units. The power and jamming abilities vary based on the unit. 


Who are they for?


Jammers are suitable for any organization wishing to add additional layers of protection to their overall protective package. They are particularly suited for Government agencies who wish to limit drone use of counter surveillance by hostile or criminal forces. They are also excellent for limiting cell phone use in areas where such are restricted, such as custodial facilities like prisons. Jammers can also effectively block incoming and outgoing cell phone use where agencies want to limit the dissemination of real time intelligence by parties in the area of operations. Sending or receiving texts. Pictures, and voice communications will be limited in the areas covered by the jammer.


Jammer devices are widely used by progressive government agencies who are faced with various RF based threats including the use of remotely detonated IED and remotely operated vehicles such as drones or vehicle borne IED delivered by remotely controlled wheeled vehicles, such as recently seen in several countries. 


Security Pro offers many options which can be tailored to your agencies needs. Contact us today for more information, a free quote, and expert assistance in selecting the best RF protective package for your needs.


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