DEMRON® IED/RDD/RAD SHIELD BALLISTIC 48"48" - Radiation Shield Technologies


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IED/RDD/RAD Ballistic Shield

High Energy Nuclear/Ballistic IED RDD Shield

First Responder Products

Standard Features:

• Made with Demron™ Fabric, NFPA Class 2 Certified for 1994-2007 Standard on Protective Ensembles for First Responders to CBRN Terrorism Incidents

• High Gamma Energy suppression, Cs 137 reduction up to 70%

• Unsurpassed Fragmentation Protection (V50 rating of >5426 ft/s for 2gr, 5234 ft/s for 4gr, >4866 ft/s for 16gr, 3952 ft/s for 17gr, 2721 ft/s for 64gr, and 1979 ft/s 9mm)

• Level IIIA ballistic protection STD 0101.04

• Reduces RF transmission

• Shield can be used as a suppression blanket for IED’s, RDD’s, and RAD’s

• 1000 denter Cordura® outer covering, high-strength abrasion, flame and acid resistant outershell

• Easily deployed in field, handles for ease of use

Standard Colors

• Black and Red

Standard Sizes (Custom Sizes Available)

• 48” x 48”