TI-GEAR-S: Precision Thermal Rifle Scopes

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Introducing the TI-GEAR-S, a formidable thermal weapon sight meticulously crafted for professionals seeking precise aiming and engagement capabilities across medium and long distances. Engineered to excel with small and large-caliber rifles, as well as machine guns, this advanced sight stands as a pinnacle of excellence, empowering operators with unrivaled performance in single or repetitive shooting scenarios. Additionally, it serves as an indispensable tool for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

At the core of the TI-GEAR-S lies the latest generation sensor, a testament to GSCI’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement. Surrounding this cutting-edge sensor, GSCI’s proprietary hardware and software solutions coalesce to deliver unparalleled image quality, while bestowing unique tools that confer tactical advantages and ensure user safety.

Unyielding in its durability, the TI-GEAR-S is fully dust- and waterproof, surpassing the stringent standards set by modern MIL specifications. With unwavering reliability as its foundation, this thermal weapon sight thrives in the face of long-term, intensive use across any environment, be it challenging lighting conditions or harsh weather scenarios.

The TI-GEAR-S epitomizes GSCI’s dedication to providing professionals with a superlative thermal imaging weapon sight, redefining the parameters of excellence.

TI-GEAR-MR6S 12µm (Medium-Range)

Lens: 50mm | Sensor: 640x512 pixels | Field Of View: 8.7° x 6.5° | DRI (Human): 2360m / 885m / 470m