SecPro Perimeter Security System

SecPro SensoGuard Perimeter Security Motion Detecting System

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The SecPro Perimeter Defense System provides a comprehensive solution for perimeter protection. Based on sensitive seismic technology which is used worldwide for detection of earthquakes, it operatesoperates with seismic sensors which are installed below ground, creating an invisible perimeter fence around the secured area. The system recognizes threats whenever fluctuations are sensed in its vicinity and sends an early warning before the intrusion actually occurs.

Due to its underground nature it cannot be detected nor sabotaged and does not alter the appearance of the area. Equipped with a self-learning algorithm which allows it to detect a multitude of threats while keeping false alerts to a minimum.

SecPro Perimeter Defense System is able to recognize a range of threats above and below ground, such as: footsteps, moving vehicles, digging or other intrusions. It is highly suitable to the security needs of sites of all sizes, large or small such as: power plants, communication sites, agricultural areas, detention facilities, strategic and high security zones, private properties and so on.


  • Efficiency & Accuracy: High recognition level, identifies of various threats while reducing false alerts, automatically calibrated to environmental noises, performs automatic self-testing (BIT).
  • Maintains the area’s natural appearance: The system is installed below ground, cannot be detected and does not change the area’s appearance. This system cannot be bypassed.
  • Integrative: Can operate independently or integrated with existing systems and various applications (video systems, smart-phones, alarm systems and more).
  • Adjustable settings: Allows the user to set a different sensitivity threshold for each threat, at different times of day.
  • Reliability: The system is not affected by weather changes, nor by the area’s terrain (plants, hills, etc.).
  • Minimum maintenance, easy operation (plug & play): The system has an intuitive, easy