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SecPro Riot Suit (Used)

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National Tactical Officers Associations

The SecPro Police Riot Suit provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma. The contour molded outer shell features impact ridges that disperse the brunt of the blows, while foam inner padding cushions the body. Soft brush and mesh line the inside to reduce abrasion and provide long-term comfort. The hard shell protectors are used for covering and protecting most of the body. They are designed to withstand hard blow, and prevent penetration or stabbing by sharp tools, anti-fire and anti-acidity.

The SecPro Riot Suit is currently deployed and passes the rigorous standards of our most elite law enforcement agencies, for quality, operational flexibility, protection area, energy absorbency, and flame resistance performance. *helmet not included 

Riot Control Suit Includes

  • Upper Body Protection
  • Shoulder protection
  • Forearm Protection
  • Thigh Protection
  • Groin Protection
  • Knee Guard
  • Shin Guard
  • Gloves 
  • Bag

*used condition will vary 

Riot Gear Certification

  • National Tactical Officers Associations