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SecPro Forced Entry Security Boot - 6 Inch

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SecPro Forced 6ƒ?� Entry Security Boots are designed for all-day comfort and support for today public safety professional. Designed with the structure and reliability of a running shoe, the forced entry boot features a front stitched and slip-resistant rubber outsole for improved traction through all-weather terrain. Enhanced impact protection is provided with the interior cupsole and steel shank. The security boot is constructed with a leather / denier nylon upper and action leather vamp for long-lasting strength. Measuring 6ƒ?� high, the tactical boot includes a suede collar for a comfortable and supportive fit around your ankle while you are in the field. In addition, the combat boot features a rustproof eyelet lace system to keep them tightly secured. Whether you are a security or law enforcement personnel, airsoft or paintball player, or just looking for a supportive and resilient boot, SecPro Forced Entry Security Boot is the ideal choice.