EOD Robot - Secpro Mini RMI

SecPro EOD Mini Robot

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EOD Robot - Mini RMI 

Mobile EOD Robot for Bomb Detection and Disposal 

The SecPro Mini-RMI a smaller Remote Mobile Investigator. It's a compact and lightweight 4-wheeled vehicle. Its narrow design allows for easy deployment and use in confined spaces, while retaining most of the functionality of the SecPro-RMl

The SecPro Mini-RMl  can lift over 75 lbs, pull a truck, and has mounts for disruptor, shotgun and X-ray, while remaining 2-man portable. The reliability and ease of use makes the SecPro Mini-RMl an ideal tool for EOD professionals worldwide.

EOD Mini Robot Features:

• 6 cameras with lights (all colour except IR):

  • Main camera with 260x zoom, manual/auto focus and 360° pan
  • Miniature tilting camera mountable various places on the robot
  • Miniature camera built into both claws
  • Drive camera integrated into chassis lid
  • Back-up camera mounted on rear of chassis
  • Black & white IR camera with IR light source
  • Disruptor camera integrated into disruptor mount
  • Gun camera with laser - mountable on gun rail

• Lifting Capacity of 75 lbs (34 kg) at 12” (30 cm) in front of the robot

• Powered by a 24 volt removable battery pack. Spare battery pack and charger supplied with robot

• Digital audio/video transmission with integrated hard drive for mission recording and easy download to flash drive

• Two claws with variable pressure selection, both equipped with camera:

  • Universal claw with 10¼” (26 cm) opening
  • Rotating claw with 10¼“ (26 cm) opening

• Mounting for a shotgun and disruptor. All weapons equipped with camera and lasers for aiming. Lasers flash for easy identification on TV screen. Weapon firing controls are encoded for security

• Panning or tilting disruptor mount for disruption of hard to reach IED’s

• Five arm extenders allow access to hard to reach locations such as under cars, in cars, window sills, etc.

• Optional motorized extension arm is avaliable

• The claw, cameras, and disruptor can be mounted on the arm extenders.

• Mil-spec quarter-turn plugs, environmentally sealed to IP67 rating

• Wireless or wired two-way communication can be used for barricaded subjects or hostage situations

• Attachment for XR150/XR200/XRS-3 X-ray unit and real-time X-ray systems

• Operator Control Unit operates all functions of the RMI wirelessly or by cable

  • Precise movement of the RMI can be mastered with intuitive joystick control Controls, Monitor and Digital Video Reciever integrated into briefcase

• Operator Dolly with cable drum for up to 150 m (490’) control cable 

EOD Mini Robot Specifications


  • Length - 34“ (86 cm) • Width - 22” (56 cm)
  • Ground Clearance - 4.6“ (12 cm)
  • Height - arm down without Camera - 20” (51 cm)
  • Weight - 140 lbs (64 kg)


  • Speed - 0-4.5 km/h forward and reverse
  • Battery life - Approx. 3 hours typical mission
  • Lifting Capacity - 75 lbs (34 kg)