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Quick Release Holster Adapter

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Quick Release Holster Adapter

Compatible With R-Defender Holster, Baton Holder, Flashlight Holder And Other Cytac Gears With Tooth Gear.


With CYTAC Quick Release Holster Adapter you can easily change the carrying angle of your gun holster for fast drawing. This device also allows quick mounting attachment.


Brand: CYTAC

Product Name: Quick Release Adapter

Material: Military Grade Polymer

Available Range: Law Enforcement Officer, Shooting Training, Daily Carry, Etc.


Quick Shifting

Set up in seconds before each mission. Action as fast as you can for rescue, on-duty, battlefield, counter-terrorism, etc.

Fast Access

User could find a preferred carrying angle for fast drawing. Angle available in 90° leftwards or rightward.

Easy Adjustment

Only to press the button, user could slide out for quick detaching and slide in for reattaching to other mounting attachment.


Color: Black