PYRAMID – Bi Directional Vehicle Barrier
Passive Vehicle Barriers

PYRAMID – Bi Directional Vehicle Barrier

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Perimeter Security System

Mifram Pyramid– Bi Directional Passive Vehicle Barriers

World’s first Bi-Directional Barrier. Drive over folded barrier, against Heavy Vehicles. A must for every perimeter security professional. Ideal also for urban areas and hot zones.

  • Physical vehicle barrier that prevents cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles and ATVs from breaking through.
  • Blocks entrance and exit of a perimeter at the same time and at the same strength.
  • Duel uses: Closed – Bumper;
  • Open – Two way barrier.
  • Modular anti-ramming barrier system.
  • No concrete foundation is needed.
  • Hydraulic  operation (manual or electrical  220/110/24/12v) as per client request.

Perimeter Security System Pyramid Bi Directional Vehicle Barrier Features

  • Patent Pending technology transfers momentum of vehicle to the ground
  • Flexible length – individual barrier units fit both together  or apart  to
  • suit varying vehicle and road sizes which allows pedestrians to cross
  • Designed for use on sandy, rocky, rough terrain, gravel and asphalt
  • Basic color: gray – adaptable as per client request
  • Assembly team:  10 persons or forklift or c rane
  • Anchoring system – Based on 8 anchors placed to a depth of 30 cm,
  • affixing the barrier to the ground
  • 604 KJ Energy Absorption – Equal to 80 Concrete blocks of 1M³ (2.4 Ton) Movement for 1 Meter Distance

Pyramid Bi Directional Vehicle Barrier Advantages

  • Cost-effective
  • Effective against wheel protection
  • Quick installation
  • Folds for easy and efficient storage
  • Transportable by plane, helicopter, small pick-up truck, jeep, station
  • wagon, boat, etc.
  • Zero maintenance
  • Zero breakdowns

Pyramid Bi Directional Vehicle Barrier Certified

  • ISO 90001 : 2008 Certified IQC - Institute of quality & Control.
  • Mifram ltd CAGE/NCAGE Code: 2561A
  • ASTM International

Pyramid Bi Directional Vehicle Barrier Dimensions [single unit]

Length: ~255 cm [~100”]
Width:   ~100 cm [~40”]
Height:  ~100 cm [~40”]
Weight: ~350 kg [~771 lbs.]