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Portable Sneeze Guard | Shield

Sneeze Guard Shields are ideal for use in food service, hospitality, and banking institutions. They add a health component to personal customer service, provide a clear, sanitary barrier at point-of-sale to improve health and safety, while preserving friendly, face-to-face customer interaction. Simple design, as a countertop stand or hanging-ceiling version, makes assembly and installation extremely easy. Highly stable, yet lightweight for convenient mobility from one counterspace to another, if needed. Designed for Commercial Use Manufactured with tough, durable, thick polycarbonate or acrylic.

Function and purpose

Protects against being infected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) via airborne droplets, and, incidentally, other viruses and bacteria such as the flu (influenza), in situations of unavoidable customer contact. One of the crucial goals in the current Covid-19 crisis is to slow the spread of the virus, even in situations of increasingly relaxed restrictions and reopening of businesses and government agencies. Our sneeze guards contribute to this. They prevent infection from airborne droplets emitted by direct coughing, sneezing, or speaking. Droplets are stopped or caught by the transparent barrier (we use Plexiglas and Makrolon). The almost-invisible barrier also ensures the required social distancing.

Design and quality

Our sneeze guards stand out from other products for their elegant design and stable construction. They are the premium version among sneeze guards. They integrate elegantly into a modern office or reception area. The base supports (either stand or clamp) are made of robust anodized aluminium and are very stable. Foam rubber beneath the feet prevent slipping. A hatch of 10 cm height is suitable for passing through documents or items such as card readers and the like.

Dimensions, design, and special solutions

We have our own production facilities, and thus we can respond flexibly to special requests. We can combine Plexiglass with our base supports in a customized manner. Experience has shown, however, that our three standard sizes can meet the requirements of the majority of usage scenarios. In addition, the standard dimensions are significantly cheaper.

The standard dimensions are:

Width x total height

70 x 50 cm

100 x 70 cm

100 x 76 cm

120 x 76 cm


  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Sales counters
  • Bars
  • Reception areas
  • Restaurants
  • Catering services
  • Nail Salons


  • Counter top design with sturdy base
  • Tough, thick, polycarbonate or acrylic construction
  • Lightweight, portable and durable
  • Clear/Transparent color
  • Easy to assemble design
  • Can be secured to counter top for more stability
  • Scratch resistant to preserve clear appearance
  • 42" high
  • Base depth: 14"
  • 24" wide