Mifram Merav Multi-Layer Portable Shelter
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Mifram Merav Multi-Layer Portable Shelter

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Merav Multi-Layer Portable Shelter

Army Portable Shelter. Troops Shelter

Movable, portable, lightweight and quickly installed shelter to protect staging areas and troop concentrations.

A lightweight portable shelter for up to 20 soldiers in the field.

The Merav is available in two models:

  • A two unit model (Multi-layer)
  • Single unit model.

Merav Multi-Layer Portable Shelter

  • One section Merav at an army base in the south using “tower protection”
  • The external section is added to the internal section
  • The Merav after assembly
  • Transporting and assembling in the field using a crane truck
  • Transported using a military truck
  • It is possible to transport up to 4 units on a single trailer
  • 2 unified units in operational use
  • Approved by the IDF Commander Engineering Corps - Fortifications
  • Cat. No. BMFR-079

Provides solutions for a range of threats

Each section, external and internal, is provided separately and provides protection from light arms fire, hand grenades and light shrapnel.

When the outer section is added, the Merav provides protection from 120 mm. mortar shells, direct hits and near misses by Grad 122 mm. rockets, lightweight armor piercing rounds and more.

Can be upgraded as needed.

Merav Multi-Layer Portable Shelter Advantages

  • Exceptionally cost effective
  • Portable and moveable – can be towed into place
  • Simple to operate with no regular maintenance needed
  • Flexible and modular
  • The two section design allows commanders to protect double the number of troops at half the fortification levels.
  • It also allows unloading by light cranes and even by hand if there are enough troops available.

Purchase and Supply

  • The first Merav’s were supplied to the IDF in April 2015
  • Up to 100 units can be supplied in the first month and 200 units and more every additional month.

Air lifted protection

The Merav is the first shelter that can be air lifted with a cargo hook attached to a CH-53 helicopter and a C-130 aircraft.

This feature means it can be deployed in remote and inaccessible locations as well as on high ground as a forward base.

Equipment needed for Assembly

Up to two Merav units can be transported on a single, standard, IDF or civilian truck and up to four units on a flat-bed semitrailer.

Loading and unloading can be facilitated with a 30-ton crane, a Rio “Arrow”, a 5 ton fork lift truck and even a power shovel.

The Merav can also be towed into a threat area by an armored tractor.

The Merav can be supplied with a special trailer that can be towed by a regular truck.

Merav Multi-Layer Portable Shelter Specification Table:

Dimension of 2 layer Merav
Weight of internal section ~2.7 t.
Weight of external section ~2 t.
Total weight – 2 sections ~4.7 t.
Armor thickness 25 mm.
Height 2 mm.
Net shelter area without entrance ~5 SqM.


Merav Multi-Layer Portable Shelter Specification Table:

Dimension of 1 layer Merav
Unit weight ~4.7 t.
Armor thickness ~25 mm.
Height ~2 m.
Net shelter area without entrance ~5 SqM.