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Mifram Improving External Fortification

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Mifram Improving External Fortification 

Bullet Proof Guard Posts | Armored Guard Cabin

Improving external fortification of front line observation posts – the upgrade can save a soldier’s life.

At the request of the UN we strengthened a series of old observation posts and transformed them into bullet proof guard posts with the addition of steel plating and bullet proof windows.

The project was executed in front line areas’ and solely by UN personnel. In addition, after the posts had been strengthened, they can withstand attempts to gain forced entry using mechanicals means in order to kidnap personnel for up to 15 minutes.

All units meet international standards.

Armored Bullet Proof Guard Posts Features:

  • Satisfied UN personnel after installation of the protective elements
  • Construction of steel fortification, to the exact dimensions of the target unit, at the factory
  • Fortified shell being lowered onto existing observation post - by crane
  • Direct hit from 0.5 caliber bullet – the post was undamaged
  • Direct hit from 0.5 caliber bullet – the post was undamaged
  • Post before fortification
  • Fortifying and bullet proofing windows
  • Cat. No. BMFR-127