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Mifram Gabriel Command & Control Module

Mifram Gabriel Command & Control Module

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Mifram Security Gabriel - Command & Control Module

Blast Resistance Portable Control Room from Small arms/shrapnel /rockets and mortars

Fortified against small arms fire and more, shrapnel and blast, mobile and autonomous; suitable for dealing with emergency and security incidents and designed for a variety of uses: operational control in threat areas, chemical warfare zones and extreme scenarios.

The Gabriel can include advanced command, control and monitoring systems which allow the manager or commander using the unit to function independently in any situation – during conventional combat and / or during biological/chemical attacks. This is due the Gabriel’s unique protection systems – filtration chambers, showers, and positive pressure.

The Gabriel is an autonomous unit that provides all required resources: various types of electronic communication, power and energy, water, toilet facilities, air conditioning, food etc.

Gabriel Blast Resistance Wide Range of Threat Solutions

  • Small arms/shrapnel/rockets and mortars
  • Steep trajectory weapons including blast (as per separate specifications)
  • Chemical and biological weapons

Solutions for many types of users

  • Military and police forces
  • Home Front Command
  • Operational threat deployment
  • Crucial infrastructure companies
  • Energy and water companies
  • Banks and other organizations
  • Desalination plants and more

Gabriel Blast Resistance Upgrades and optional modifications

  • The Gabriel can be adapted for any use including: check posts, armories, mobile banks and cashiers, residential units and more – as per the client’s specifications.
  • All infrastructures can be added to the Gabriel according to the client’s specification – satellite antenna, alarm and PA systems etc.
  • The Gabriel can be supplied in any fortification level and according to threats defined by the client by adding additional layers.

Easy and simple transportation

The Gabriel is assembled on a roll on – roll off frame to facilitate simple and easy transportation using a military truck, crane truck, train, air lifting in large cargo aircraft, heavy helicopters and ships.

Gabriel Command & Control Module Specification

Gabriel Dimensions
Length 7 m.
Width 2.4 m.
Height 2.4 m.
Weight 11 t.

Command & Control Module

  • Gabriel adapted as an infirmary
  • The Gabriel includes (optional) advanced command, control and monitoring systems
  • Fortified command posts
  • Gabriel adapted as an armory (for UN forces)
  • Fortified bank branch for civilian usage
  • Easy and simple transportation