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Mifram Check Post
Mifram Check Post Fortified Check Point
Blastproof Check Point
Mifram Check Post Fortified Check Point
 Fortified Check Point

Mifram Check Post Fortified Check Point

Mifram Security

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Mifram Security Check Post

Check Post Transportable Protected Screen Module

Mobile check point that prevents physical contact between operatives and subjects while maintaining full control of entry and exit.

Enables monitoring in an environment safe from small arms, explosives, suicide bombers and terrorists.

Mobile, fortified check post designed to maintain the safety of security personnel and provide protection from suicide bombers etc.

The system provides total protection from both external and internal explosions.

The Check Post is designed and manufactured by Mifram to provide protection for troops and/or civilian operators from suicide bombers, external explosive devices, car bombs, shrapnel and blast from mortars, rockets and fire arms.

The system was designed for high risk check points and provides complete protection by separating operatives from subjects. Checking is facilitated by a CCTV and screen system and also via a fortified window. The Check Post also includes magnometers and x-ray machines.

The system is ideal as a fast solution for temporary check points as it is ready for use immediately after its deployment. The system is also resistant to vandalism. Can be transported on a 10 ton truck.

Solution for wide range of threats:

  • External and internal explosions
  • Up to 15 kg. of explosives
  • Light weapons including armor piercing in upgraded version

Optional additions

  • Fortification can be upgraded to the client’s specifications
  • Can be fortified against light weapon up to and including 0.5 caliber
  • A muted generator can be added for automatic operation
  • NBC systems
  • Can be supplied in any color and finish
  • A number of units can be connected to create a large complex

Fortified Check Point Specification Table:

Length 6 m.
Width 2.5 m.
Height 2.2 m.