Long Range Thermal Goggles

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The UNITEC family incorporates the latest infrared technology, electronics and the highest quality optical components to deliver best in class performance and reliability. All model variations produce superior infrared imagery, ensuring target recognition and engagement at the maximum possible range, while preserving the legacy format, features and options.
The new members of the legendary UNITEC family are based on 12-micron uncooled VOx sensor and are built for plug-and-play applications, with increased detection and recognition capabilities and the comfort of distortion-free long-eye relief. Answering our customers calls for simplicity paired with high quality – turn it on, point, and the possibilities are limitless.
GSCI Advanced Photonics thermal binoculars UNITEC-ULR6B are designed for a wide range of applications for professional users, and provide them with an unrivaled advantage during day and night operations in detecting, observing and engaging targets.