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IMLCORP SC360 SoundCommander Emergency Warning System

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SoundCommander SC360 System

Fixed-Location Emergency Mass Notification Loudspeaker and Emergency Warning System

The SC360 System comes with Loudspeaker Array, Amplifier/Power Module, and Remote Central Control Base Station.

Deliver emergency mass notification announcements, instructions and warnings loud and clear with the SoundCommander SC360 fixed-location, "Giant Voice" loudspeaker system. Scientifically placed SC360 loudspeakers cover specific outdoor areas with powerful sirens and the clearest pre-recorded and live voice messages. The SC360 integrates with telephone, email, SMS, indoor-speaker and signage emergency mass notification systems. Ideally suited for college, office and industrial campuses; airports; zoos and parks; and military bases. When seconds count, there's no time for doubt. Take control with SoundCommander.

The SC360 SoundCommander provides powerful audio coverage with superior audio frequency response via hexagonal-array, 60-watt RMS loudspeakers available in 360° or 180° in rugged, weather-protected encasements. They can be mounted on roofs or towers. The SC360 Amplifier/Power Module - encased in a sealed, weather-protected metal NEMA IV-rated enclosure - provides uninterrupted power. The Remote Control Central Base Station(s) can control up to 48 speaker-array nodes wirelessly or wired.

Hexagonal Circular Six Loudspeaker Array stacks up to 4 levels to increase projection range out to a full one-mile radius. Multiple speaker arrays can be linked together via Central Control Base Station(s) to cover any size area. Signals and announcements to the arrays can be received via LAN, fiber optic, UHF band, cable, and wirelessly.

SC360 Amplifier/Power Module is encased in weather-proof NEMA-IV IP66 rated steel casing, is easily maintained, and is IP addressable. Its 52AHr rechargeable internal battery can receive a charge from 110 or 220V AC, or 12-24V DC. Power Modules possess power failover contingency that will continue to operate the SC360 system for at least 4 hours of active use and over 24 hours in standby mode.

Remote Central Control Base Station units each can control up to 48 Amplifier/Speaker Arrays. Multiple base stations can be installed at different command locations for simultaneous use. Base Station includes multiple inputs for microphone and AUX audio. The 7.5AHr 12VDC rechargeable internal battery can operate the station for 24hrs without external power.

AlertCommander Pre-recorded warning tone, siren and message delivery system enables the SC360 system to project pre-recorded messages or tones directly from the amplifier/control module or base station to the Loudspeaker Array(s) via an Android color touch screen mobile device. User can download files and locally record and edit messages for the system.

  • Single to a Quad stack on a fixed location this system delivers 3600 through any weather

  • IMLCORP SoundCommander SC-360 Fixed Mass Notification System

  • SoundCommander SC360 "GIANT VOICE"


Military Loudspeaker Specification:​


Audio Response


SC360 Loudspeaker Array Projects almost flat response of +/- 3dB from 400Hz to 6500Hz with a maximum response of 300 to 8000Hz

Array Node Link


SC360 Loudspeaker Array Multiple speaker arrays nodes can be linked together via a central control base station to cover any size area.

Housing / Deployment


SC360 Loudspeaker Array Marine grade UV protected loudspeakers housed in weather-protected steel encasements. Arrays configurable in 360° and 180° variants. Can be mounted on pole, tower, or roof.

Sound Projection


SC360 Loudspeaker Array Max range out to a full mile (1600m), with up to 4 level stacked array, producing a continuous sound pressure level (SPL) of up to 76dB depending on environmental conditions.

Housing / Deployment


SC360 Amp/Power Module Each module encased in weather-protected, sealed metal NEMA-IV rated enclosure. Modularized design is easily maintained interchangeable. Can mount on tower, pole or building.

Power Output


SC360 Amp/Power Module All weather Amplifier/Power Module produces produces up to 2000 watts (w/ 4 array system)
via auto-trigger power amplifier

Power Output


SC360 Amp/Power Module Can be powered from external 110 or 220VAC, or 12-24VDC sources. Units possess rechargeable internal 52AHr battery, capable of 24 hr backup in standby, or 4 hrs of active use.



SC360 Base Station Each station can control up to 48 Amplifier/Speaker Array Nodes. Multiple base stations can be installed at different command/control locations simultaneously

Input / Output


SC360 Base Station Inputs include microphone and AUX all-purpose interface for audio sources like PA systems, radio receivers, telephone systems, or AlertCommander®

Power Input


SC360 Base Station The 7.5AHr 12VDC rechargeable internal battery can operate Base Station unit for at least 24 hours without an external power source.

Notebook UI


SC360 Base Station The Base Station Notebook PC offers individual or multiple speaker node selection and displays the status and condition of each node.

Monitor Speaker


SC360 Base Station Monitor speaker is included with each base station.

SoundCommander 360 Installation:

  • Installation of the SC360 system on location can be arranged, coordinated and completed by your local dealer/distributor or IMLCORP.
  • Installation costs will vary depending on the size of the SC360 system to be installed, area terrain and local construction codes.
  • SC360 Broadcast Node speaker arrays and NEMA IV Amplifier/Power modules can be mounted on fixed in ground poles, side mount poles or on non invasive roof top pyramid towers.
  • The ruggedized MIL-STC 810-F hard case Amplifier/Power module can mounted inside buildings or outdoors in covered areas.Contact your dealer /distributor or IMLCORP regarding SC360 system installation

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