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Humane Restraint Leather Bed Restraints

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Bed Restraints - 201

201 Leather Bed Restraints - Humane Restraint

Non-locking leather Bed Restraints bed restraints for dementia patients. One size fit variety of Beds juvenile to adult.

Non-locking leather bed restraints are constructed as a one piece item that will fit a variety of beds for juvenile to adult populations. The time-tested basic design assures easy application. Use with Humane Restraint’s disposable fleece liners FWL-200 (Wrist) and FAL-200 (Ankle) for additional comfort. May be used with CBR-101 for 5th and 6th points. We can also customize the restraints to fit your bed.

Bed Restraints to avoid Patient harming him- or herself or others.