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Disposable Ribbed Surgical Gown

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Disposable Ribbed Surgical Gown


Neck Hook & Loop Fastening

For ease of adjustment and fit

Ultrasonically bonded sleeves

Maximum protection in critical areas

Flexible Cuffs

Reduces chance of skin debris being transferred to patient while maintaining dexterity

Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Static Treatment

Enhances safety and clinical comfort

Side Fastening

Supports clinical protocols of gown donning


Fabric Brief introduction Dust proof  Liquid proof 
SPP Via extrusion methods to product  melt-blown and spun-bond fiber
50-70μm (35-45gsm)
SMS Spunbond + meltblown + spunbond  nonwoven
Yes √√√
Micro-porous Microporous-membrane e (barrier coating) + polypropylene nonwoven

10-30μm   (45-55gsm
PP + PE PP with PE coating 0.5μm (as Tyvek)