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Autoclear 100100BZD Multi-Energy Backscatter X-Ray Scanner



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100100BZD Multi-energy Backscatter

Ideal for inspecting oversized and out-of-gauge objects, the Autoclear 100100BZD Multi-Energy Backscatter X-Ray Scanner brings the power and precision of Autoclear's patented multi-energy backscatter technology to cargo and large baggage inspection. Rapid, accurate and easy to use, the high performance 100100BZD penetrates deeper into parcels and bags to give operators better decision-making data faster than similar systems.

This security x-ray system is an essential tool for detecting military-grade, homemade and liquid explosives, IEDs, ceramic and composite weapons, gems and minerals, currency, banned organic matter and narcotics.

The 100100BZD operates from a single generator, computer, software set, LCD and HV power supply, reducing lifetime costs of ownership, MTBR and maintenance over other similar systems.


  • Reduces image clutter rapidly and effectively
  • Cross-enhancements expose potential threats
  • Color twin views appear on a single screen
  • Improved ergonomics and automated operator features over traditional backscatter x-ray cabinet systems

Physical Details

Aperture size (W x H):100.0 x 100.0 cm
39.4 x 39.4 in.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):
332.0 x 175.6 x 167.0 cm
130.7 x 69.1 x 65.8 in.

Weight: 726 kg
1,600 lbs.