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Each Quantity contain 1 to 24 cans. 

Sanitary cleaning wipes for food service applications

60 count, 9” x 10”, 24 packets per case

SANI-SENSE - QSP200 Surface Sanitizing Wipes can be used on tables, counters, food equipment, appliances, and more to quickly clean surfaces during production. These pre-saturated wipes require no wetting in order to use them, simply pull one out, reseal the package, clean, and allow the area to dry. The wipes don't require rinsing and dry fast so you can get back to work.

  • Sanitary cleaning wipes provide quick cleaning of all food contact surface areas during in-shift production
  • Easily used on tables, counters, food equipment, appliances, and more
  • Pre-saturated wipes require no wetting and no rinsing afterward
  • Fast drying time allows production to quickly resume
  • Wipes measure 9" x 10"
  • Resealable package keeps wipes wet and ready to go