Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford
Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford
Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford
Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford
Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford
Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford
Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford
Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford
Armored Ford Transit 250 - Ford

Armored Ford Transit 250

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Armored Ford Transit 250

A reliable and highly discreet cannabis transport vehicle.

With security the number one consideration, an armored cash in transit vehicle that is highly discreet and looks no different to any other van makes it ideal for cannabis transportation. Equipped with a climate-controlled interior ensuring product freshness, the Ford Transit 250 offers great maneuverability, dependability and comfort for all-day driving. This vehicle is armored to CEN 1063 BR4 ballistic standards with availability for additional armoring upgrades if required.

This cannabis transport vehicle is based on a Ford Transit 250 with 3.5L EcoBoost V6 or 3.2L Power Stroke I5 Diesel and offers enough power to carry large payloads. With a smart locking system designed for cash in transit usage, an integrated access control module as well as reinforced door hinges this van is a great choice for transporting cannabis as well as cash and valuables.

Ford Transit has meticulously designed this armored truck to provide maximum protection while complying with both federal and state transportation standards. The vehicle is equipped with temperature and humidity controllers in order to meet the product’s unique environmental requirements.

Ford Transit offers a multitude of upgrades and accessories to fill the need of any client’s specific requirements ensuring an optimal and discreet solution for your cannabis and valuables transportation needs.

Armored CIT Van Ford Transit 250

Armored Ford Transit 250 Features:

  • Entire perimeter protection of the passenger compartment
  • Integrated access control module
  • Reinforced door hinges and other critical structure points
  • Runflat devices
  • Vehicle security system accessible from front cabin
  • High quality multi-layer bullet resistant glass
  • Protection for battery and electronic control module
  • Reinforced suspension
  • Smart locking system designed for cash in transit usage
  • Video surveillance of both internal and external viewpoints

Optional Equipments & Accessories

  • Light-weight armoring package
  • Siren/PA/Intercom system
  • Fire suppression system
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Emergency lights system
  • Driver-controlled remote locking system
  • Heavy duty brake system and components

Armored Ford Transit 250 Specification

YEAR: 2019
MAKE: Ford
MODEL: Transit 250
BODY STYLE: Cash In Transit
TRANSMISSION: 6-Speed Automatic
ENGINE: 3.2L Diesel I-5
HORSEPOWER: 185hp @ 3,000
DIMENSIONS (MM): 5588 x 2065 x 2087