AR550 Body Armor Shooters Cut Set Of Two

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Spartan Armor Systems® has literally taken Level III-rated body armor to the next level by adding a 10% increase in ballistic core hardness to their AR550 line of armor. Because of this enhancement, our AR550 level III+ body armor offers operators advanced rifle-rated threat protection and has been special threat validated in an independent NIJ credentialed laboratory. Manufactured and tested within the highest quality standards, utilizing laboratory-certified steel, our single curve, full coat AR550 plates have received NIJ Certification under NIJ 0101.06 level III specifications. For added peace of mind, every plate of armor sold by Spartan Armor Systems® is serialized allowing it to be easily tracked back to the original plate of steel it was cut from should there be any question as to its ballistic properties.


- AR550 Steel Body Armor Plate x2

- NIJ Certified Level III

- Special Threat Tested to Level III+ Standards

- Made in U.S.A