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Anti Fog Epidemic Prevention Public Protective Mask

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Product Features

Effectively prevents splashes of liquid as well as  sand and dust blows from hitting the face.

Comfortable to Wear

The size can be adjusted freely. Can be worn for a long time without causing pain.

Translucent and clear

The mask is highly transparent and clear and does not compromise vision after wearing.

Effectively protects from droplets, aerosols, dust and liquid. Prevents virus intrusion.

Advanced anti-fogging coating, high light transmittance and high definition.

Multi-scenario application and multi-directional protection

Wearing Instructions

  1. Wash your hands before wearing the protective mask to check whether the product is damaged or not.
  2. Open the package, take out the protective mask and remove the protective film.
  3. Place protective mask on the facial area around the eyes, pull the webbing back to the head and place it on the head. Adjust for desired comfort level.
  4. While in use, try not to touch the center of the lens with hands.
  5. Removal of protective mask: wash hands after removing protective mask. After use, discard the mask according to the classification of medical waste.