Action Targets Rimfire Mini Gong - Action Targets
Action Targets Rimfire Mini Gong - Action Targets
Action Targets Rimfire Mini Gong - Action Targets

Action Targets Rimfire Mini Gong

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Action Targets Rimfire Mini Gong

Stop wasting time going down range to reset your targets and get one that’s powered by the most dependable thing on earth – gravity.

Replacing or resetting shooting targets can be time consuming and frustrating. Rather than spend your time constantly going down range to reset the target or to see if you even hit it, get a target that makes shooting excursions easy with its portability and fail-proof reactivity. The Rimfire Mini Gong provides instant visual feedback for accurate shots which reinforces good shooting habits and makes competitions with friends fun and simple.

The Rimfire Mini Gong consists of a steel deflector plate with four paddles hanging below it. The shooting surfaces (including the deflector plate) are all made of 1/4" AR500 armor steel and are designed to take years of heavy use with .22 rimfire ammunition*. The hanging gongs are easily installed without tools, and their no weld design means a smaller chance of breaking and a longer product life. The life of the product can also be extended by occasionally reversing the gongs. The provided PT Practice Stand also makes the Rimfire Rectangle easily portable with a collapsible base and convenient carrying handle.

NOTE: The stand and feet are made of mild steel and are not intended to withstand the force of a bullet. Shooting the stand and feet may result in damage.


  • Weight: 48 lbs.
  • Height: 35”
  • Base: 32” x 38”
  • Paddles: 4” diameter
  • Steel grade: 1/4" AR500 armor steel
  • Rimfire shooting distance: 10+ yards

*The Rimfire Mini Gong is designed for use with .22 rimfire ammunition only. Using ammunition other than .22 rimfire may result in the malfunction of the target’s reactive features or even damage to the target.