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Action Targets PT Scout Target IPSC - B/C Zone (AR500)

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Action Targets PT Scout Target IPSC - B/C Zone (AR500)

The PT Scout Pistol-Rated Target Plates are designed with safety and sound in mind. Each plate features a completely smooth surface. When mounted to the PT Scout stand and 2x4, projectiles are directed safely and predictably down and away from shooters. Everyone at the range will appreciate our careful thought to reduce bullet splatter and ricochet. Because we don't use exposed hooks, brackets, or bolts our targets hold safety to the highest standard. 

Range Masters and Match Directors can have confidence that they are using the safest steel targets ever produced. Working with the world's best shooters this system is built for the competitive environment and has been proven by shooter's like Max Michel, Rob Leatham and the Scholastic Action Shooting Program. 

We plasma cut our AR500 steel on a water table, reducing heat affected zones. To the back of the plate we weld custom-designed hardened studs. The smaller weld area and the attached spring steel bracket enhance the sound, dramatically improving hit recognition by shooters and score keepers. Changing target heads is simple and easy, requiring no tools on the range. Should the nuts attaching the bracket to the target head ever come loose, the left and right foot on the PT Scout stand have an included 3/8" wrench cut out. 

We offer multiple shapes and sizes for every competition and shooter. We proudly provide targets designed for IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, SASP, Steel Challenge, 3-Gun and many other competitive organizations.


  • 3/8" AR500 steel 
  • Smooth surface - no bolts, hooks or brackets 
  • Multiple shapes and designs 
  • Factory painted target plate 
  • Zinc plated bracket to prevent corrosion and rust 
  • Recommended for pistol calibers from 10 yards and beyond