Action Targets Cowboy Shooting Target Heart - 18" x 18" - Black - Action Targets

Action Targets Cowboy Shooting Target Heart - 18" x 18" - Black

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Take a piece of the Wild West with you to the range with a target from cowboy action legend Gene Pearcey himself.

Gene loved the quality and design of Action Target's steel targets, but was frustrated by the size of the PT Static stand and it's lack of portability. So he approached the company and challenged its engineers to come up with something that he could easily fit in the trunk of his car. A short time later, Action Target unveiled its namesake target stand, a stand so portable that it collapses to less than 3 feet long in seconds yet durable enough to withstand the punishment of daily cowboy action training.

This Practice Target comes with your choice of 10 different official CAS shapes made from 3/8" AR500 armor steel so it can withstand anything from .22 to .44 Magnum as well as cowboy action rifle loads* from as close as 10 yards. Each target has a perfectly flat shooting surface with no exposed bolts, clamps, or brackets and is angled forward to direct dangerous ricochet and splatter into the ground. This Practice Target also comes with the option for a 1" x 2" Target Holder which attaches to the stand and allows you to shoot on paper and cardboard targets by inserting 1" x 2" wood strips into the clamps and attach the target to the wood strips.

NOTE: The stand is made of mild steel and is not intended to withstand the force of a bullet. Shooting the stand may result in damage.

  • Height: 4’
  • Weight: 5060 lbs. (depending on size of target head)
  • Steel Grade: 3/8” AR500
  • Handgun Shooting Distance: 10 yards+
  • Cowboy Action Rifle Load Shooting distance: 10 yards+