Seismic Intrusion Detection

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Seismic Intrusion Detection

In a security context, seismic detection is actually based on the type of technology that professionals have been using for earthquake detection for decades. Devices that fall into this category operate using small seismic sensors that are typically installed just below the ground in certain areas. These form what is essentially an invisible perimeter fence around the area you're trying to protect.


Whenever certain fluctuations are detected within that space, seismic data is used to generate early intrusion warnings - allowing you to take the most proactive approach possible to securing your goods and other valuable items.


Because seismic waves are so precise, security-driven seismic detection devices can be used to identify just about everything. They're perfect for picking up footsteps, moving vehicles, digging and other types of events. Seismic spotlights are also highly malleable, making them a flexible, scalable solution to handle the security needs of areas like power plants, agricultural environments and even detention facilities. 


But the real benefit here has to do with the underground nature of the detection devices themselves. Because of the location of the sensors and the ways in which they can accurately detect seismic activity, they're perfect for places like vaults, safes, cash dispensers and even ticketing machines - all in a way that remains highly effective that does NOT alter the appearance of that area in any way. 


It's important to note that some areas need seismic detection more than others due to the complicated nature of the activity that takes place within those environments. In a high security zone like a power plant, you can't afford to let an intrusion happen and then react to it. You need to do whatever you can to prevent that intrusion from happening in the first place - the costs are far too severe otherwise. The right seismic detection product can help guarantee that this is something you're actually able to do. 



When it comes to actually applying all of the benefits of seismic detection to your own needs, you'd be hard pressed to find an option more viable than the Pathfinder and Sensoguard Systems.  


As is true with most solutions in this category, Seismic Intrusion Detection uses seismic sensors installed just below the ground to create an invisible perimeter fence around a secure area. It is also, however, equipped with a sophisticated self-learning algorithm. This allows it to effortlessly detect a wide range of different threats as quickly and as accurately as possible, all the while keeping false positives to an absolute minimum.


Seismic Intrusion Detection is automatically calibrated to all environmental noises that are unique to an area, which also helps separate "normal" from "suspicious" activity. It performs automatic self-testing (also called BIT) on a regular basis, which means that it literally gets more accurate as time goes on. As such this detection system represents a challenge for intruders by its concealed nature which turns the element of surprise to the property owner’s advantage.  


But the real benefit here is its integrative nature - you can operate the Seismic Intrusion Detection totally independently as a standalone unit, or you can integrate it with all of your existing security systems like video cameras, smartphones, alarm systems and much, much more. You can even set different sensitivity levels for each threat that change based on the time of day to help better align it with your needs.


All this and you get to enjoy the benefit of a fast, efficient plug and play installation, which makes the our Perimeter Defense System a quality and reliable solution for all of your seismic detection needs. 


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