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Brossard Mirrors P-1218MR Roundtangular Convex Mirrors - Acrylic Lens / Galvanized Back - 12 Inch x 18 Inch (Mirror)

Brossard Roundtangular Convex Mirrors - Acrylic Lens / Galvanized Back


Lester Brossard

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Brossard Roundtangular Convex Mirrors

Lester Brossard Low Ceilings Roundtangular Convex Mirrors Acrylic Lens with 2 Gauge Steel Galvanized Back

Roundtangular Convex Mirrors Features

  • Suitable for very low ceilings and tight area such as basements godowns.
  • Weatherproof painted hardboard backing with heavy extruded rubber rims.
  • Allowing a wide viewing angle
  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Equipped with adjustable swivel and mounting bracket for infinite adjustment.

Technical Specification

Safety Mirror Style

Roundtangular Convex Mirrors

Viewing Angle

160 Degrees wide viewing angle


12" - 36”

Lens Material


Mounting Location


Mirror Environment


Backing Material

Galvanized Back

Mounting Hardware Included


Mirror Shape


Approx. Viewing Distance

12 ft.

Rim Type


Available in sizes from 12” x 18” size to 24” x 36” size

Model Diameter Weight
P-1218MR 12” x 18” 8 lbs.
P-1826MR 18” x 26” 16 lbs.
P-2030MR 20” x 30” 20 lbs.
P-2436MR 24” x 36” 26 lbs.