Brossard Mirrors P-1218MR Roundtangular Convex Mirrors - Acrylic Lens / Galvanized Back - 12 Inch x 18 Inch (Mirror)

Brossard Roundtangular Convex Mirrors - Acrylic Lens / Galvanized Back

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Brossard Roundtangular Convex Mirrors

Lester Brossard Low Ceilings Roundtangular Convex Mirrors Acrylic Lens with 2 Gauge Steel Galvanized Back

Roundtangular Convex Mirrors Features

  • Suitable for very low ceilings and tight area such as basements godowns.
  • Weatherproof painted hardboard backing with heavy extruded rubber rims.
  • Allowing a wide viewing angle
  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Equipped with adjustable swivel and mounting bracket for infinite adjustment.

Technical Specification

Safety Mirror Style

Roundtangular Convex Mirrors

Viewing Angle

160 Degrees wide viewing angle

Lens Material


Mounting Location


Mirror Environment


Backing Material

Galvanized Back

Mounting Hardware Included


Mirror Shape


Approx. Viewing Distance

12 ft.

Rim Type


Available in sizes from 12” x 18” size to 24” x 36” size

Model Diameter Weight
P-1218MR 12” x 18” 8 lbs.
P-1826MR 18” x 26” 16 lbs.
P-2030MR 20” x 30” 20 lbs.
P-2436MR 24” x 36” 26 lbs.