Body Armor Bundles

Body Armor Bundles | Customized Ballistic Solutions

Ballistic vests and helmets are designed to protect the user's from pistol and handgun fire as well as the dangers of fragmentation and other battlefield hazards. Primarily used by active duty law enforcement and military, these helmets are an integral part of a soldiers daily life..

Buy Kevlar Body Armor, Body Armor Systems, level 3 body armorĀ and many more.

Security Pro USA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of body armor and ballistic helmets to security, law enforcement, and military personnel. We have a large assortment of custom body armor bundles suitable for everyday duty wear. All of the vests we carry offer NIJ level IIA, II or IIIA protection equipped with ballistic panels constructed of aramid fibers such as Kevlar and Spectra. Shop some of the biggest names in concealable body armor such as SecPro, GH Armor, Protech, Second Chance, Armor Express and United Shield.

Body armor for sale at affordable rates for security forces and law and enforcement professionals at Security Pro USA.