What is a Bomb Blanket and How Does it Work?

Army Bomb Blanket

Do you need protection against small blast charges? Are you looking for a way to shield yourself and keep yourself safe in the case of an explosion? In this blog post, we discuss how a Bomb Blanket Ballistic Blanket can be used to mitigate these types of charges and ensure that you are kept safe. Read on to find out more about how this blanket can help protect you!

What is a Bomb Blanket and How Does it Work?

A Bomb Blanket is a type of ballistic or blast protection equipment that is designed to mitigate the effects of small blast charges. These blankets are made from a variety of materials, including Kevlar, Nomex, and other types of fabric, and are typically sized to fit around the body like a suit of armor. They are often equipped with Velcro or other fastening systems to ensure a snug fit.

The primary benefit of using a Bomb Blanket is that it can significantly reduce the amount of damage that you take from a blast. By protecting your body from small fragments and pieces of shrapnel, you can reduce the likelihood of suffering serious injuries or even death.

Another benefit of using a Bomb Blanket is that it can provide some level of protection against other types of explosives as well. By mitigating the force of an explosion, a Bomb Blanket can help to protect you from injuries caused by secondary blasts.

When choosing the right size and strength of Bomb Blanket, it is important to take into account your body size and build. Most Bomb Blankets are designed to fit around the torso and upper arms, but they may also be available in smaller or larger sizes. It is also important to make sure that the blanket is properly fitted so that it does not move or shift during use.

Finally, it is important to note that Bomb Blankets are not intended to be used as a substitute for proper safety equipment such as helmets, face shields, and other protective gear. Rather, they are designed to provide additional protection in specific situations where traditional safety measures may not be possible or effective.

Check out this informational bomb suppression blanket video by our friends over at NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor:

The Benefits of Using a Ballistic or Bomb Blanket for Protection

The benefits of using a ballistic or bomb blanket for protection are numerous. By mitigating the effects of small blast charges, these blankets can help to protect both you and your surroundings.

One of the main benefits of using a bomb blanket is that it can help to protect you from the blast itself. By absorbing some of the energy from the blast, a bomb blanket can help to reduce the amount of damage that you take.

In addition, bomb blankets can also help to protect you from secondary effects of the blast. By protecting your eyes and ears, a bomb blanket can help to reduce the amount of damage that you take to your senses.

Finally, bomb blankets can also help to protect you from debris and shrapnel. By protecting your skin and clothing, a bomb blanket can help to reduce the amount of damage that you take from flying objects.

While there are many benefits to using a bomb blanket for protection, it is important to choose the right size and strength for your needs. Too small of a blanket may not be effective in mitigating blast damage, while too large of a blanket may be too cumbersome or uncomfortable to use.

In addition, it is important to place your ballistic or bomb blanket in the correct location. By placing it close to the source of the blast, you can minimize the amount of damage that you take from the explosion.

Finally, it is important to use proper safety precautions when using a ballistic or bomb blanket. Always wear protective eyewear and ear protection when using these blankets, and do not approach any explosive devices without first ensuring that you are safe.

Choosing the Right Size and Strength of Protective Ballistics Blankets

When choosing a bomb blanket or ballistic armor, it is important to consider both size and strength. The smallest blanket will protect you from explosive charges that are no more than 2 inches in diameter, while the largest will protect against charges up to 16 inches in diameter. Likewise, bomb blankets come in different strengths, with ratings ranging from 0.5 mm (impenetrable) to 10 mm (resistant to small arms fire). While it's necessary to consult the manufacturer for specific details about protection against your specific type of charge, a good rule of thumb is to choose the strongest protection level available for your budget and activity.

Another consideration when selecting a ballistic or bomb blanket is placement. Ideally, you want your protection system to be as dispersed as possible across your body so that even if one section is compromised by an explosion, there is still a chance of survival overall. However, this can be difficult to achieve if your entire body has to be covered in protective gear; therefore it's often advantageous to consider adding blast mitigating armor pieces such as shields or helmets over areas where blast shielding won't provide full coverage. When choosing these additional layers of defense, please note that they must also meet specific safety guidelines set forth by OSHA and ANSI/ASTM International regarding their use in hazardous environments like construction sites or mines.

Aside from size and strength, another factor that you'll need to take into account when selecting a bomb blanket or ballistic armor is price. As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of different types of bomb blankets on the market with varying degrees of effectiveness and price tags accordingly. It's important not only to find something that fits comfortably and protects adequately but also something that won't break the bank - after all, it's not going to do any good if you can't afford it!

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Tips for Proper Placement & Usage of Your Ballistic or Bomb Blankets

There are a few things you should keep in mind when using a bomb or ballistic blanket for protection. First, make sure the size and strength of the blanket are suited to your needs. Second, always place the blanket so that it covers as much surface area as possible. Finally, be aware of potential hazards surrounding the use of these types of blankets and take appropriate safety precautions accordingly.

Common Uses & Applications for Blast Mitigating Armor & Shields

When it comes to safety, nothing is more important than being as protected as possible from potentially dangerous blast forces. Using a bomb blanket can help mitigate the damage caused by small blast charges, keeping you and your loved ones safe during highly-charged events or hazardous environment.

There are a variety of bomb blankets available on the market, each with its own set of unique benefits and drawbacks. Before making a purchase, it's important to understand the anatomy of a ballistic or bomb blanket, as well as the specific needs that may apply to your situation. Once you have chosen the right size and strength for your needs, use these tips for proper placement and usage in order to insure maximum protection:

Secure Your Blanket Around You & Reach Behind Yourself

The first step in using a bomb blanket is ensuring that you have it securely placed around yourself. This includes reaching behind yourself to secure any straps that may be attached to the blanket if there is one available (a common feature on some models), binding oneself tightly against any potential blast front with all limbs extended straight outwards from body centerline, then tucking chin downwards into chest cavity so head doesn't contact ground directly. The goal here is create an outward shield similar to how a concrete barrier works which will attenuate overpressure waves traveling forward towards body centerline; additionally this position also provides psychological support during an event when all appears lost & terrifyingly chaotic outside.

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Visualize Yourself Shielded From Blast Waves

Once you have secured your blanket around yourself, take some time to visualize yourself shielded from incoming blasts waves by this protective barrier - visualizing large sections of open space around you diminishes feelings of vulnerability while simultaneously increasing overall levels of calmness within mind/body connection - just like what would happen if we stepped into open water after seeing picturesque landscapes blasted apart by powerful natural forces such as hurricanes & typhoons from afar! In other words: don't fight against incoming force - let go and enjoy complete safety within protective embrace of ballistic/bomb sheltering energy field… once mastered many life-threatening events drop substantially in perceived threat level (remember 9/11?), causing increased mental & emotional resilience upon which subsequent challenges can be successfully navigated with greater ease… thus shifting outlook from victim mentality towards proactive problem-solving mindset! It may sound strange, but practice often helps make perfect (& bigger) especially if stress related health problems are concerned; think Yoga Nidra breathing exercises etc.? 

For the bomb blanket to be effective and sheltering energy field to be effective it is important to constantly maintain shape and integrity of protective barrier; if blankets become twisted, tangled or filled with debris they will lose much effectiveness reducing overall level PROTECTION afforded against potentially harmful stimuli. It is also important to remove any covers before entering a hot shower or going outside during intense sunlight exposure in order not allow build-up of heat which can cause ballistic ballistics blankets to lose their ability to cool down after being used - this may result in excessive sweating which defeats purpose originally! For example: I wake up at 5am sunbathing nude under my bed sheets but realize my bomb sheltering ballistic shielding ballistics blanket won't work today because its too warm outside… tough luck turtles! 

Check for Proper Fit Once You Are Ready To Use Your Bomb Blanket

Finally don't forget: once you're ready to protect yourself with a bomb blanket, check for proper fit by pulling up on edges until blanket no longer springs back when pressured firmly between thumb & fingers - now using both hands gently pull blanket tight around chest making sure petals Of Lady's Slipper flower situated directly above solar plexus region falls within appropriate "blast zone" outlined on blanket, then pass hand beneath blanket in opposite direction & locate shoulder straps which should be snug but not uncomfortable against skin; ensure triangle created by shoulder blades & upper arm pits falls within designated "blast zone" too. If side ties are unavailable, simply tie belt tightly around hips then use ends as hand loops to guide through loopholes located just above shoulders - alternatively use knotting skill learned during Boy Scout Troop Picnics circa 1960s 

Bomb Blanket for Sale

When it comes to safety, nothing is more important than being as protected as possible from potentially dangerous blast forces. Using a bomb blanket can help mitigate the damage caused by small blast charges, keeping you and your loved ones safe during highly charged events or hazardous environment. With proper placement and usage of a ballistic or bomb blanket, you can achieve maximum protection for yourself and those around you during times of danger.

Having a bomb blanket ballistic blanket is essential for providing safe protection against small blast charges. The blankets come in various sizes and strengths, depending on your needs, and proper placement and usage are key to ensuring optimal protection. As such, it's important to familiarize yourself with the specifications of these protective ballistics blankets before you purchase one so that you can make sure that it will meet your specific requirements. With the right knowledge, preparation, and protective measures in place utilizing blast mitigation armor or shields, you can rest assured knowing that your safety is accounted for in any situation.

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