Antibacterial Face Masks: Why They Are Vital

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Antibacterial Face Masks: Why They Are Vital

Currently, masks are extremely important to many individuals across the world. Millions have been diagnosed with coronavirus across the world. While many have recovered, over 500,000 have died. It could take up to a year for a vaccine to be crafted for coronavirus. In the meantime, we can use PPE, such as face masks, to protect ourselves from contracting coronavirus.

What Is PPE?

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), PPE (personal protective equipment) is specialized equipment or clothing that is worn by an employee to protect themselves against infectious materials. Depending on the situation, PPE can vary. For example, the PPE used to treat someone with Ebola will differ from the PPE used to treat coronavirus. Personal protective equipment can include gloves, goggles, aprons/gowns, respirators, medical masks, face shields, and bodysuits.

Different pieces of PPE provide different forms of protection. For example, gloves can be used to protect you from outside contaminants. Face shields protect the face, nose, mouth, and eyes. Respirators protect you from inhaling infectious aerosols (tiny, inhalable particles in the air). Goggles protect the eyes and often have anti-fog features. Face masks are great at protecting the user’s mouth and nose.

What Is an Antibacterial Mask?

An antibacterial mask is especially resistant to bacteria and viruses in the air. These masks cover the nose and mouth. Outside contaminants are no problem when it comes to an antibacterial mask. Many people can benefit from antibacterial masks.

Currently, millions around the world are affected by coronavirus. COVID-19 is spread through aerosols, which can be projected when a person with coronavirus spits, sneezes, or coughs. For the safety of others and yourself, it is highly recommended that you wear a mask. This prevents the spread of coronavirus.

Elderly adults and those with certain conditions are especially susceptible to coronavirus. If you or a loved one could experience greater risks related to coronavirus, you will want to consider wearing a face mask. Not only will a face mask protect you from coronavirus, but it can keep you from spreading it to the ones you love. Healthcare workers also benefit from using an antibacterial mask. Many healthcare workers see multiple patients a day. By wearing a mask, they can lessen the chances of spreading coronavirus between patients.

3-Ply Antibacterial Cloth Face Masks Provided By Security Pro USA

This antibacterial mask (offered by Security Pro USA) includes two-side protection with water-resistant fabric and antibacterial fabric. The outside layer of this mask is made of 100% polyester and is water and splash resistant. The inner layer of this mask is made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton, and 99.9% antibacterial nano fabric. This mask can be washed 30 times and is currently in stock with Security Pro USA.

The 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask is not the only PPE that Security Pro USA has in stock. We offer bulk shipments of our Medical Face Masks and KN95 Masks. We also offer Protective Medical Goggles, Face Shields With Frames, and Single-Use Protective Medical Clothing. Whether you are looking for PPE to protect your healthcare workers or your family, Security Pro USA offers a broad selection of PPE that is in stock. When you choose to purchase PPE with Security Pro USA, you are choosing a safer future. For more information, call us at (800) 264-8273.


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