Eberlestock SHLS Shooter's Harness

Eberlestock SHLS Shooter's Harness



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Eberlestock Shooter's Harness

Fits most Eberlestock backpacks [except: does not fit X2, J107, JP9, J79]. After extensive field testing, we selected what we think is the perfect balance between a desire for a thinner harness for shooting, and a comfortable harness for... comfort, of course! Counter to what you'd expect, the high-grade foam in this thinner harness follows the contours of your shoulders in a way that makes it more comfortable under a load than standard thicker pads.

The long harness adds from 2" to 6" of length to each shoulder pad, depending on pack model (it's 2" longer than most newer packs' harnesses). It makes a bigger difference than you'd think, really increasing the range of size of the adjustable shoulder harnesses on these packs. A good choice for either large-shouldered individuals, or for those with longer torsos.

The short harness is about 2" shorter, and a little narrower than our production packs, and it makes the G-series packs a better fit for kids, women, and smaller-statures.

Short harness, $23.95. Standard or Long harness, $26.95.