Mini Me Hydration Pack - Multicam
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Eberlestock H1 Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
H1 Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack - Hide-Open Timber Veil
H1 Mini Me Hydro Pack
Eberlestock H1 Mini-Me Hydration Pack - Hide-Open Rock Veil
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Eberlestock H1 Mini Me Hydration Pack



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Eberlestock Mini Me Hydration Pack - H1

The Mini Me is a hydration pack and more; this little baby could rightly be called the "Transformer." It has an expansion system that at first glance looks conventional. Start un-zipping its wrap-around zipper and you get more space for something long. But when you keep going, you realize that you've opened up a tunnel for the insertion of one of our gun scabbards. Slide one in, and you've got a rig that'll make carrying your gun as close to carrying a biathlon rifle as you can get without getting the real thing. Includes a premium 3-liter (100 oz) hydration bladder, a pull-out hip belt, and a secret compartment with a deployable Bird Bag inside.
Recommended scabbard accessories are A1SS, A2SS, or A2LS, depending on the size of your gun or rifle).

Thinking about this for hunting, but you're not a gun hunter? The Mini-Me is a great bowhunter's pack -- add our ARCG ButtBucket kit, and it becomes a super compact bow pack. Rigged correctly, the bow rides very stably, and you can get it off your back with on-the-fly access.

Other features include full-depth pockets for spotting scope or tripod, an organizer pocket, grapple compression strap, and more.

Side Scabbards and ButtBuckets are sold separately (the pack is a terrific small-scale pack without them, for general field use).

Mini Me Hydration Pack Specification:

  • Total Volume: 400 c.i. 
  • Total Volume w/birdbag: 900 c.i. 
  • Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz 
  • Dimensions main bag: 19"h x 8"w x 3"d

Mini Me Hydration Pack Features:

  • Comes standard with 3 liter (100 oz) Source hydration bladder
  • Four zippered compartments (One full depth spotting scope pocket)
  • Wrap around zipper opens scabbard tunnel
  • Secret compartment with deployable Bird Bag 
  • Pull-out hip belt
  • Grapple compression strap