GRAFFITI REMOVER - Athea Labs barren athea vacate athea laboratories silt brom aero gel banish eliminator private label odor eliminator cide solv triple threat athea packaging banish herbicide total solutions eliminator athea labs eliminator herbicid


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Each quantity contain 30, 35 & 55 Gallons

For non-porous surfaces

Powerful cleaning formula capable of removing the toughest graffiti, including enamel. It does not contain amyl acetate or methylene chloride, making this product safer to use compared to other products. Use on almost any hard and non-porous surface including bathroom partitions, phone booths, brick walls, bus stops and seats, desks, wall tile, trains, aluminum siding, road signs, billboards, lockers, lamp posts, concrete, and stainless steel.

Ideal for various businesses and municipal departments such as street and sign crews, rec and park departments, school districts, sports facilities, transportation authorities, and utility and power crews.

Sold in cases of 24 only.


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm