Rubber Ballistic Barriers

Security Pro USA is proud to announce their newest perimeter security enhancement, the Rubber Ballistic Barrier

Security Pro USA has several new products available that serve to address numerous security concerns, while making an innovative use of recycled rubber. These products serve a wide range of purposes from providing perimeter security to ballistic solutions. One of these products from the Rubber Ballistic Barriers family is the Ballistic Block. This is a block constructed of a proprietary blend of recycled rubber, along with polyurethane used to create blocks. These blocks can be used for construction to build anything from shooting ranges to fixed post positions in high threat areas. Any place that needs a reliable, easy-to-assemble ballistic solution will be well served by the Ballistic Blocks.


Using the same type of innovative recycled rubber construction, Security Pro USA also offers a variety of perimeter security solutions using the Rubber Ballistic Barrier products. Two of these products are the Defender and the Mini-Defender. These products are similar in design, but the scope and scale are different. The Defender is a larger, portable barrier that can be either free standing or anchored to provide a barrier to vehicle-borne attacks. We know that the use of vehicles as a weapon is on the rise. The Defender is a modular perimeter device that will prevent vehicle entry to supported areas.  The Defender barriers can be linked to one another using a simple cable, creating a large or small Ballistic Barrier as needed. Due to the thickness of the rubber, these barriers can also serve as a ballistic shield in the event of an active shooter situation.  


The Mini-Defender is a scaled down version of the Defender designed for greater portability. These blocks are the latest security solution for easily portable and emplaced perimeter security. The “L” shaped blocks are linked using steel rods. Security Pro USA has found that four people can assemble a barrier, covering the width of a roadway using these blocks, in less than five minutes. The Mini-Defender requires no special lifting equipment or tools to create the ballistic barrier.


Because the Defender and Mini-Defender are designed around perimeter security for vehicle control, Rubber Ballistic Barrier products were required to develop a security solution for pedestrian access control. To this end, the same innovative recycled rubber manufacturing has created the Anti-Trespass Panel. These are panels consisting of a field of pointed conical shaped micro-towers that serve as both a physical and visual deterrent to pedestrian entry. Because of the proprietary blend of construction materials, these panels enjoy a life span that exceeds 25 years of anticipated serviceable use. The Anti-Trespass Panels are man-portable and can be used on any terrain including concrete, grass, gravel and bare dirt. The Anti-Trespass Panels can be cut to fit around fence posts as well as landscaping. This gives the user the ability to integrate the panels into a variety of areas while keeping some green spaces for visual continuity with natural surroundings. 


Security Pro also offers an upgraded system for the Anti-Trespass Panels that include adhesive backed rubber sheets that can be affixed to the panels, for intruder detection. These panels are state of the art and make use of Fiber Optic systems that serve to signal an alert, in the event that someone might attempt to actually cross the Anti-Trespass Panels.


All the Rubber Ballistic Barrier products are designed to work either alone, or as a complete system for the latest in security solutions. Using these products, agencies can quickly create secure perimeters for any number of large public gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, community markets and the like.  Visit Security Pro USA at for more details on these innovative recycled rubber security products.