Fall Protection

Fall Protection Equipment and Safety Gears

Shop Fall Protection Work and Safety Gear at Security Pro USA. Our Large Collection comprise innovative, functional, comfortable and safe products

When it comes to Fall Protection equipment and safety gear we always make sures to offer the safest possible solution to a hazard. Our Fall protection collection have specialized and innovative products designed for fire department, rescue, military, industrial and commercial applications with best possible combination of low weight, function, comfort and durability.

Genuine Fall Protection Compliance Products Under one roof

All our products are tested and compliance to meet the standard fall protection standard like Classified by UL, LLC, ISO 9001:2008 Certification Berry Amendment Compliance, Made In USA  

Complete High Performance Safety Gear and Equipments

We have all kind of work and safety gear such as Anchor Strap, Carabiners, Chest Harness, Climbing Gear, Climbing HarnessDescendersFall Protection,
Fire Rescue, Full Body HarnessGloves, Harness, Helo Ops, Industrial Fall Protection, Industrial/Tower Access, Ladder Harness, Lanyards, Pulleys,
Rope Rescue, Ropes, Ropes & Lanyards, from the the industry leading brands such as Petzl, Yates etc and many more.



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