5 Tactics to Help You Survive a Home Invasion

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5 Tactics to Help You Survive a Home Invasion

After years of rising home invasion rates, 2019 and early stats for 2020 are showing a decrease in home invasions. COVID-19 has been credited for this decrease because of quarantines and home confinements. Most burglars do not want to encounter residents. Now that the vaccine is finally on the horizon, people are adjusting to the new normal and getting back to work, shopping, and socializing. There is no doubt that home invasions will increase, which means people should protect themselves with self-defense weapons.  Now is the time to contact Security Pro USA for your home defense weapons so you will be prepared if your home is victimized.

  1. Plan Ahead

The absolute best way to survive a home invasion is to never let it happen. Install home defense weapons with cameras and lighting that will detect outside and inside movement when activated. There are also doorbell cameras so you can see who comes up to your door. Most of these systems work with a home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. There are also mobile apps so you can monitor any activity no matter where you are. Here are some very interesting Security Cameras.

  1.   Have a plan

Establish a “Safe Room”. Choose a room with a good lock and a heavy piece of furniture that can be moved in front of the door. If an elderly, disabled, or handicapped family member lives with you, make their room the safe room. This way you don’t need to relocate them in an emergency. At the very first indication of an intruder, round up the entire family and get them in that room. Do not wait to see if the intruder gets in. If you hear glass breaking or a door being broken through, get everyone in that room, and stay there.

  1. Call 911

Be sure someone has a cell phone with them and call 911 immediately. 

Report a break-in at your location and leave the line open. The operator 

can then keep you abreast of the police response and they can be aware      

of how your situation is unfolding. Be sure to charge your cell phone every night.

  1.     Cooperate

If the intruders come in and take your family hostage, cooperate. Do not argue, talk back, or plead. Try not to get caught looking them in the eye.

Most of the time they will have masks so you will not be able to see their faces. The best way to help your family is to do what the robbers want. Things can be replaced but people can’t. 

  1. Fight Back

If the intruder is alone and unarmed, you can try some defense weapons to gain control of the situation. Do not attempt to use any of these 

tactics if the intruders outnumber you or if they are armed. Security Pro USA Self Defense has stun guns, tasers, and other deterrents. If you 

do not feel that this will offer enough protection, you may elect to arm yourself with a gun. When purchasing a gun, the store or previous owner will assist you with the necessary paperwork for your state. Be sure you get properly trained for the firearm you choose.

These tips should help you avoid a home invasion or assist you in determining how to deal with one in case it does happen. Be alert to your surroundings so no one follows you home. Keep your doors locked. Don’t open your door to strangers. Do not confront an armed intruder unless you are also armed and trained. Contact Security Pro USA and our experts will help you design your home defense plan.


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