3 Self Defense Tools Every Woman Should Have

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3 Self Defense Tools Every Woman Should Have

The world has become tense lately. With the current political climate and social tensions, it is getting more and more dangerous to be out alone. This is unfortunately and increasingly true for women. With the world in this state, it is important that you learn how to best defend yourself in the event of a physical confrontation. Below is a look at the top three self-defense tools that every woman should carry. Let’s have a look.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has been proven effective again and again. This eye, skin, and respiratory irritant is designed to buy you enough time to escape from an attacker. It is easy to carry and will fit on a keychain, in a pocket, or in a purse. It is very simple to use as well. All you have to do is unlock, point, and spray. If used correctly, it will debilitate your attacker, leaving you with plenty of time to escape without further altercation. 

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Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is an effective self-defense tool because it is lightweight and small. It is intended to be used on the attacker’s neck or other soft places. A tactical pen is usually made to be carried just like you would carry a normal pen, but it is intended for stabbing. A tactical pen is only effective, however, as a close-range weapon. It is recommended that you carry a long-range self-defense tool such as pepper spray in conjunction with a tool such as a tactical pen.

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A taser is a perfect immobilizer. There are several styles, all of which can be extremely effective if used correctly. A taser works by sending an electric current through the attacker. The current will stop an attacker in his or her tracks with the push of a button or a pull of a trigger. Some tasers shoot small electrodes that will attach themselves to the attacker from a distance. Others are designed for close-range combat. 

The Best Weapon Is Avoidance

Something important to note, here, is that it is better to avoid a confrontation altogether. If confrontation can be avoided, there is no inherent risk to your own safety. A few ways to avoid potential danger are as follows:

  • Avoid exact geographical routines: Walking, jogging, or biking the same route on a routine basis can give someone time to plan an attack. Be sure to change it up periodically.
  • Stick to public places: Avoid being alone when possible. With more people around, a potential attacker is less likely to apprehend you.
  • Travel during the day: If you can keep from traveling or commuting at night, it will reduce your chances of being confronted. The daylight is a good deterrent for attackers and will help you to stay alert as well. 

  • Gear That You Can Trust

    When it comes to self-defense, you really must not settle for less than the best. You should always equip yourself with high-quality tools from a company that you can trust. If you are looking for self-defense tools to carry with you, check out Security Pro USA. They carry high-quality gear that is made in the USA. It is selected by trained professionals who have a lot of experience in the world of self-defense. They really do know what is best for you when it comes to effectively and efficiently protecting yourself. 

    The world today is a scary place. Be sure that you are prepared and confident in defending yourself with the tools that you carry. Click the link above to find out more.

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