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Yates Fast Rope with FRIES Ends

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Yates Fast Rope

Fast Rope with FRIES ends (With Standard Eye Splice Termination, and Steel Ring)

Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction Systems provide efficient and safe methods for inserting and evacuating personnel to and from specific targets. Fast Ropes are available in several stock variations and can also be made in any custom length. We can furnish the Fast Rope with or without the FRIES (Fast Rope Insertion/ Extraction System) loops. Our ropes offer two distinct termination ends: ABLE Termination and Soft Eye splice termination with Steel Ring added. FAST roeps are whipped and heat sealed on the bottom. Soft Eye top Termination comes with a steel ring in the line so that the line may be hooked to the davits that are found on certain helicopters. The eye splice is the Best and safest method of terminating this line. It develops approximately 85% of the break strength of the line. Fast Rope strength 30,000 lbf. FRIES attachment strength 10,000 lbf. Rated strength of ABLE Termination 15,000 lbf.

Fast Rope Construction:

1.75 inch (44mm) diameter made from Low stretch nylon fibers with a 8 braid construction to reduce rope kinking and afford fast, fully controlled, and safe descents.

All Fast Ropes are made in accordance with military specification fiber rope assembly, insertion/extraction number Mil-F-44422.

ABLE Termination- AmSteel Blue Loop Eye Fast Rope Termination is very short in profile and is designed to be compatible with Fast Rope rappel devices. Designed to be used on Blackhawk FAST rope Hookup/Release Bar with out need of an additional steel ring. Rated strength of ABLE Termination 15,000 lbf.ABLE TERMINATION IS STANDARD ON ALL FAST ROPES.

ABLE Terminations on FAST Ropes have an additional 75$ charge over standard eye spliced FAST ropes.

NSN Certified FAST Rope

175830 foot Fast Rope: NSN# 4020016175935

176060 foot Fast Rope w/FRIES: NSN# 4020016273674

176590 foot Fast Rope w/FRIES: NSN# 4020016175832

NSN: 4020-01-338-3307 (60 ft) Fast Rope w/FRIES
NSN: 4020-01-338-3308 (90 ft) Fast Rope w/FRIES
NSN: 4020-01-338-3309 (120 ft) Fast Rope w/FRIES

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