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Yates Adjustable Anchor Strap

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Yates Adjustable Anchor Strap Adjustable length anchor or heavy duty pick-off strap meets NFPA G requirements. Can be wrapped single, choker, or end to end. Pick-off strap configuration allows 2 to 1 mechanical advantage for easier handling of patient. Made using 1.75 inch 9000 l bf. (40kN) heavy duty resin treated webbing for better protection from abrasion and wear.

UL classified to meet NFPA 1983/2012 edition standards.

  • Strength Basket Configuration: 14,625 lbf. (65 kN).
  • Strength End-to-end Configuration: 8,100 lbf. (36 kN).
  • Strength Choker Configuration: 7,650 lbf. (34 kN).

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