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Yates 8010 First Responder Rappel Kit

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First Responder Kit

Yates 8010 First Responder Rappel Kit

First Responder Rappel Kit Designed for Professional First Responders

Basic kit designed to give first responders the equipment necessary to make initial access to a vehicle off the road on a steep slope or cliff situation. Equipment can be used to set up a rappel, belay or hand line to achieve access to a victim in a safe manner. An ideal kit for ambulance or patrol vehicles.

First Responder Kit Includes

  • 1 200 ft. 1/2 inch Rope (white w/tracer)
  • 1 Medium Rope Bag (any color)
  • 2 Yates NFPA Seat Harnesses
  • 2 KASK Super Plasma Helmets
  • 2 Aluminum Rescue Figure 8s
  • 6 Steel NFPA Auto Lock Carabiners
  • 1 6 Foot Anchor Strap with Wear Pad
  • 1 9mm Delta Link
  • 1 Yates Riggers Gear Bag