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Survivor Agility Training Dummy

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Survivor Agility Training Dummy

The Dummies Unlimited Survivor agility training dummy is a unique agility training dummy designed to simulate an unconscious victim. This product assists in creating a realistic unconscious victim rescue to increase the agility of any training officer.

Survivor is made of durable heavy duty Cordura over a sand composite. A1l seams are double sewn, high stress areas are triple sewn.

His arms, legs and head are attached to its torso in a way that best simulates the joint motion of an unconscious victim These realistic features aid in various types of rescue techniques. He can be lifted under his arms, or by a securely desired strap that can simulate the rescue of a victim being dragged by their collar or vest. These unique features also allow Survivor to be carried over the shoulders of a training officer with realistic human limbs dangling in an unconscious manner.

Survivor is approximately 5'- 8" and is available from 75 lbs. to 185 lbs. meeting most state and federal training requirements.

He can be positioned flat on his back, or in a sitting position. Training instructors can decrease the weight of this rescue dummy by 20 lbs. by removing his lower limbs. If increased weight is desired; 5 lb, 10 lb and 15 lb weight belts are also available. Since this product is designed to be dragged, wear to the feet is normal. Replaceable feet are available to eliminate the need for a whole new dummy. These versatile options allow Survivor to fit into any training program.

  • Because this is a custom-built made-to-order product there are no cancellations or refunds on the Survivor Agility Training Dummy<.>